How to prepare indoor environment for allergy season

Allergy season

Tips for surviving the allergy season

Allergy is the immune system’s reaction to unfamiliar or unknown agents (allergen). The immune system goes on high alert,releasing antibodies to attack the allergen, as it mistakenly sees it as a danger.This will lead to the release of chemicals into blood called histamines which trigger the runny nose,coughing,sneezing,watery eyes,hives,sore or itchy throat.

Allergy types

  1. Dust mitesie
  2. Dust
  3. Pet dander
  4. pollen
  5. Molds

Using air purifier

Air purifiers can filter particles from the air like dust, pet dander,pollen and other pollutants. They are recommended for asthma and allergy stuffers.

Clean air purifier and replace filters to get the optimum work efficiency of your unit.

Learn the features of your unit so you can use it in the right way.

Steam cleaning

Using high quality steam cleaner can affect positively your indoor air environment, since steam  kills germs and bacteria,also steam cleaning keeps​ your home clean of the polluted particles without using harsh chemicals.


-Use high quality vacuum cleaner

There are some special vacuum cleaners which are designed to trap material they suck up preventing it from escaping during and after usage.

Get high quality filters

Equipping your vacuum cleaner with a high quality filter helps getting the exhaust air much cleaner.

Using Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers absorb excess moisture from the air, leaving a cleaner, more temperature indoor environment which help preventing bacteria and mold to grow.

Keep indoor air quality under control

  • Keep  windows and doors well sealed to avoid air entering or escaping which helps in saving money on your energy bill, and allows you to clean and control the air quality in your home.
  • Do not keep your doors and windows opened for extended periods, because this will allow pollen, dust, and outside pollutants to get in your indoor space, causing allergies.
  • Clean/replace your furnace filters.


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